We are honored to present the solution for providing SIEM / SOC-managed services for our customers

The systemic and technological vision of our company rests on the vast knowledge and operational experience of its people, in the fields of information warfare, offensive information security, and the use of tools for security and attack. This in-depth knowledge provides a general organizational vision that combines the strategic-methodological, business-process level and the technological level that combines unique tools and techniques.

The experience of our information security consultants is considered one of the leading, richest and most in-depth in the world of information security. Their experiences in attack and security processes on the one hand, and in training and didactics processes on the other, place See-Secure at the forefront of global knowledge alongside unique work with various government ministries and defense industries in Israel. Through its unique risk management processes, Record Scoring offers its customers a wide range of management and technological solutions that provide a broad response to regulatory requirements in the world of information security.
SIEM Information Security Event Management Systems
The role of the SIEM Security Information and Event Management systems is to collect information from the logs produced in the security systems and the network equipment of the organization. The systems collect this information, prioritize it, analyze it (pattern recognition, statistics, etc.), cross-reference it and make it possible to see it in a way that has great added value. They can be used to detect security breaches or security incidents that occur almost in real time. With SIEM you can use many blogs to get a complete and accurate security picture. Many times, a single log is meaningless and only the big picture makes it possible to identify failures and vulnerabilities.

The role of SIEM in the organization
• Address for regulatory and regulatory requirements (such as 27001, 27799, etc.)
• Real-time information security event alerts
Creating metrics to measure information security status
• Generate reports on information security status for: applications, systems and information security equipment
• Identify trends and anomalies in the organization
• Turn millions / billions of log lines into one event to handle

SIEM is managed
• Monitoring the system as a customer service
• Not located at the customer's site, located in the cloud
• A logging unit is installed at the customer's site (collects from all relevant systems)
• See-events SOC center that operates 24/7 and monitors information security events
• Meets all stringent security standards
• 100% availability


SOC (Security Operation Center) - a center that is responsible for every security aspect in the organization, from the physical security layer to information security and virtual security in order to give an overall view of the security situation in the organization 24/7.
At the See Events SOC Center, there are controllers who monitor and monitor events 24/7, while an organized team of skilled analysts, who aim to monitor and improve the organization's security situation, while preventing, identifying, analyzing and responding to information security events using advanced technology, procedures and procedures Well defined.
See-Events' team of analysts are experts in their field, with in-depth knowledge and extensive experience with complex communication environments.
The SOC center, which guards every aspect of the organization, around the clock, is crucial to the company's information security, and fortunately, much more accessible and achievable even in small and medium-sized organizations, to gain control over the information security situation in real time.