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HUB Security Group (HUB.TA) is a publicly traded company that was established as a result of a merger between ALD Advanced Logistics Developments Ltd. (ALD), and the cybersecurity firm HUB Security Ltd.

HUB Security was established in 2017 by veterans of the IDF’s 8200 and 81 intelligence units. The company specializes in protecting sensitive commercial information and has an advanced encrypted computing solution for companies and organizations aimed at preventing hostile intrusions and the theft of sensitive commercial information. 

The company's cybersecurity solutions within the fields of AI, data, fintech, and infrastructure are implemented through a unique cyber-platform designed and manufactured by the company in Israel which provides organizations with military-grade cyber protections. 

HUB Security identified the inherent potential in a merger with ALD which has a significant customer base both in Israel and abroad, as well as a highly-developed sales infrastructure. The merger provides HUB Security with an enormous opportunity as it prepares for the next stages in its development within the market of cybersecurity. 

The company is active in the field of software and  consulting with leading global clients and is engaged in providing services, consulting, and software in the field of critical systems reliability and safety.

HUB Security’s subsidiaries also offer consulting  on project management to government, business, and related entities. Its subsidiaries include ALD Software, ALD Service, ALD Analytics, ALD College, Sensecom, QPoint, AGINIX, Aerotitan and SoHaR.

The company employs around 600 employees with offices located in both Israel and the United States. Mr. Eyal Moshe serves as the Company's CEO and Mr. Dotan Moshe serves as Deputy CEO. Mr. Andrey Iaremenko serves as the Company's CTO and Mr. Zigmund Bluvband is the chairman of the board of directors.

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