Our customers

Our customers

Qpoint Technologies Group provides a wide range of advanced solutions and services to its customers The services are characterized by quality, timeliness and technological and methodological up-to-dateness. The combination of the core occupations in the worlds of research and development, information systems and information security as well as the services provided by the subsidiaries Sescome consulting and project management and Aginix engineering and project management, the parent company ALD provides a comprehensive solution at the “One Stop Shop” level for our customers. Our solution is suitable for various sectors of the economy, among our customers are dozens of high-tech companies, from start-ups, companies that develop software / hardware / integration products to security companies, health insurance funds, hospitals and government companies

Startups and high-tech companies

Startups and high-tech companies, large and small

Start-up companies have unique needs with an emphasis on rapid market entry with a groundbreaking technology / idea. The attempt to fulfill the idea or the means do not always exist in them. Our experts in the software division help and assist dozens of customers to provide a solution starting from the stage of characterizing the idea and translating it into a finished product that is adapted to the desired stage for the end customer. (Field Trial, POC, GA) Even after this phase Qpoint Technologies serves as an exclusive technology arm for several companies in the market

Government customers

Government Offices

Due to the victory of its subsidiary, Aginix Engineering and Project Management, in a tender for HASHKAL, the company has been providing services to most government ministries for many years. The services are provided both as expert services and as technological manpower services with the help of the technological recruitment group

Health sector

Hospitals and Clinics

The vast experience gained, hard work and knowledge of the unique needs of the health sector has led us to win tenders that match the core areas of Qpoint. H. Shamir (Assaf Harofeh)

Energy companies

Alternating and green energy

The energy sector has changed greatly in recent years, and not in vain: with increasing awareness of environmental impacts, the need to reduce greenhouse gases and their direct impact on weather and natural disasters, energy companies are required to rethink how they operate.QPoint assists them by introducing new technologies

Security companies

IDF, Ministry of Defense and security companies

Qpoint Technologies has an infrastructure adapted to provide technological services to security companies. The company is classified and employs a company that helps it to classify and integrate our engineers in classified projects with selected customers in the IDF (technology units in the various corps), the Ministry of Defense and defense companies such as Elbit, Rafael, IAI…

Financial sector

Banks and financial companies

Execution of technological projects that are reflected in cyber attacks inside and out, as well as developments and tests that require extreme care for the quality of the products and avoid mistakes that can cause great damage to their end customers.

Our partners & clients

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