QPoint Technologies Group

QPoint  Group is currently employs more than 350 technology experts and consultants.

QPoint Technologies has a subsidiary called, QPoint Solutions, a company with a valid technological manpower license that is renewed every year, the company is supervised and controlled by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.

The group provides a wide range of advanced and up-to-date services to leading companies in the world of services in the worlds of: software engineering, software testing, information and cyber security, information and communication systems (ICT), WEB, Mobile, project management and complex integration processes.

Outsourcing Division

Locating and placing engineers, experts and architects in the field of development, testing, information systems and information security.

Information Security and Cyber ​​Division

Providing a wide range of cyber services and information security: protection, attack, consulting and managed SIEM SOC

Information Systems Division

Providing solutions and consulting from the level of characterization, architecture, topology and infrastructure to the level of the application

Software and Testing Division

Providing expert services in the field of software engineering, software testing, software management on all common platforms as well as in outsourcing SOW-based projects


Our recruitment division is experienced and skilled, locating, filtering process and recruiting candidates is one of the most basic existing in the technology market


We believe that satisfied and happy employees are the way to growth and success and invite you to join our services.


Here you will find teams of experts in diverse technological fields that combine innovation with many years of experience.


Our projects division specializes in the characterization, management and successful delivery of complex development projects.

QPoint Group,  is an engineering company that specializes in providing expert services in the field of software development, information systems and testing engineering. The services are characterized by quality and professionalism.  QPoint Technology’s managers bring with them many years of experience in establishing testing systems and software development, leading and implementing them, while implementing methodologies, advanced processes adapted to the organization’s needs and strengthening the organization’s capabilities to meet high quality standards. The professional team of QPoint Technologies provides its customers with a wide range of solutions and expert services in various fields such as: software development, software quality, testing engineering, process formulation, automation testing and loads, configuration management, user interface development, training and implementation of methodologies. Emphasis on the professionalism, reliability and satisfaction of its customers.

The software division, which provides expert services in the field of Microsoft SharePoint software engineering and performs SOW-based software projects The Information Systems Division, which provides expert services in the field of software, testing and communication. Information systems, configuration management and also specializes in the infrastructure of the Information Systems Division, The Outsourcing Division, which deals with locating and placing candidates in the field of youth and start-ups and large organizations. The company has three divisions: among our customers are dozens of high-tech and communications companies, including companies

Our partners & clients

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