QPoint Technologies Group

QPoint Technologies Group provides a variety of solutions and services in the worlds of technology, including software development and testing, cyber and information security, information systems, consulting and training. The group has more than 350 engineers who, in addition to uncompromising professional service, bring with them advanced technological capabilities and provide an available and professional solution to the leading companies and organizations in Israel at fair prices.

Helps organizations grow and improve their business performance, relationships with end customers and achieve financial savings and efficiencies.

QPoint Technologies specializes in providing expert services in the field of software development and testing, information systems, information security and testing engineering.

Specializes in providing project management services, engineering outsourcing services and comprehensive design consulting solutions in the field of electrical engineering, ICT, security and IT .

Software Engineering

The division carries out comprehensive software projects. From the characterization phase, system design, development, testing to full delivery to the customer. The company has teams of experts in various technological fields and platforms that combine innovation with many years of experience.

Information and cyber security

Providing a wide range of cyber services and information security ranging from protection level, attack, risk surveys, intrusion tests, training consulting and managed SIEM SOC services

Technological outsourcing

The recruitment process is one of the most thorough and high-quality in the technology market. Our recruitment team is very carefully selected, the team is skilled and professional and includes on the one hand professionals with a deep technological understanding alongside an academic background in the behavioral sciences.

Information Systems

Providing solutions and consulting for the establishment and operation of information and communication systems (ICT) from the level of characterization, architecture, topology and infrastructure to the level of applications

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