Management Team

Qpoint Technologies Group puts customer satisfaction before its eyes and strives to provide its customers with the best service by professional, experienced and attentive managers and employees. At the disposal of our customers is an experienced and professional management team that aims to provide the customer with excellent service, a quick and personal professional response as well as a work environment that gives our employees a sense of belonging and love for the workplace … because we at Qpoint believe Ours is people … that is why we have the best managers in the Israeli high-tech world, all with experience, professionalism and passion for the technological world.

Our desire to meet every demand that comes from our customer, even the most challenging, in technologically challenging environments, while ensuring the excellent service experience, personal and professional attitude, They are the key to the success and growth of the company and to the satisfaction of our customers, who go hand in hand with us over the years. At Qpoint, we believe that humane treatment, excellent service that combines the professionalism, passion and willingness of its managers and employees to “turn the world around” to find the right solution for our customer are the key to the company’s long-term success.

Yaacov Golpur


Since 2010 until today, owner and General Manager of QPoint Technologies LTD , focused on R&D , Information systems & Cyber professional services.
Since 2016 until today acquired  and General Manager of AGINIX engineering  LTD focused on telecommunication and networking arena.
Previously at ECI Telecom and Nokia Siemens Networks established and developed large scale R&D teams, located worldwide (China, Poland, Portugal, Germany and Israel) mainly of complex telecom systems for carriers.
Current activities includes new business development of new companies, acquisitions and establishment.
Yaacov has high management skills, wide technological knowledge, leadership and creative thinking.
Yaacov  holds a B.Sc. in Industrial and management from Ariel University, Israel.

Gari Brizinov

Founder and Partner

Gari joined the ALD group in 2010 as a CEO & Co-Founder of Qpoint Technologies, and with his visionary mission and M&A capabilities, the company has reached new heights. Prior to joining the ALD group, Mr. Brizinov served as Vice President of Professional Services among other R&D roles at Orckit-Corrigent company and served 10 years in EW technological elite unit, running high-scale engineering projects from the design stage through development, deployment, and support.
Gari brings nearly 30 years of extensive experience in executive roles, strategy, and technology management in cutting-edge multidisciplinary systems (e.g. tactical, communication, and aviation projects) of large scale innovative engineering projects which is reflected in wide scope of Electronic-Warfare, Cyber, Telecommunications, Networking, and various software-based solutions, while formulating continuous improvements and offering a broad range of business solutions, Professional Services client engagement, and desired deliverables.
Gari holds an M.Sc. in Cybersecurity and M.Sc. in Business Management

Itamar Levi

VP Sales and business development

Itamar holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from New Port University and Psychology diploma from Adler Institute.

Itamar comes with over 20 years of experience in sales and customer management at the IT market in Israel within a variety of sectors:

Government, municipal, security, financial, high-tech and more.

Itamar believes in “Customer Centric Selling” approach, which is focused on knowing the customer and his needs, presenting real added value, fostering dialogue and adapting to the constraints of each and every customer as well as to schedules he has set.

This approach has proven itself over the years as one that produces long-term relationships with our customers and high satisfaction.

Hard work and perseverance, building trust, constant striving for excellence and uncompromising professionalism he believes are the sure way to success and prosperity.

Orly Zelazny

VP HR & Operations

Orly leads the company’s HR and  Operations dept , She has a vast experience in managing Commercial and Operations in leading high-tech and international companies.
Prior to Qpoint,
she  worked as the finance and operations as freelance and later  in the fintech company Paretix in which she also were part of the management team ,
She also were appointed as the  Managing director in Israel of the gaming British company  “Connect2Media”  , and as the Commercial director at  Alvarion.
Orly has a BA in economics from the Hebrew university , she  loves technologies and is always looking for what’s new and innovative and how to complain her love in  finding creative business solutions.

Eric Ritter

Sales Director

Eric have 30 years of experience in sales.
Have worked at Qpoint since its inception, about 10 years as a sales manager.
Eric have the ability to bring new opportunities, new markets, strategic customers.
BSc in Electrical Engineering from the Technion.

Irena Shraib

VP Finance

Irena has over 15 years of experience as a finance manager.
Bachelor’s degree in economics and business administration from Tel Aviv University.
Irena started her career at Aginix Engineering and Project Management in finance management and thus built her way in the company. About 4 years ago, with the acquisition of QPoint, Aginix began to manage the entire group’s financial management.
Irena helps build the company’s financial and business strategy and is a partner in its success.

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