Information and cyber security

Information and cyber security

The field of information security and cyber provides a broad response to information security requirements, including information security regulations such as: directives of the Ministry of Finance, PSC 357 of the Supervisor of Banks, the directive of the Supervisor of Insurance and the Capital Market and ISO27000. The Information and Cyber ​​Security Division boasts renowned security experts, certifications and international capabilities. The extensive business knowledge gained, provides its customers with the most professional and high-quality solutions, while applying the experience gained around the world.

The department is responsible for the following areas:

* Cyber ​​consulting and information security

* Consulting and leading projects in the field of ISO 27001 information security standard, certification and compliance with regulations

* Information systems risk management

* Systems and process tests

* Formulation of needs and architecture in aspects of information security and cyber

* Conducting quality surveys and information security on information systems

* SIEM services - monitoring and control - SIEM - systems for information security management

In the jumping and control center that works 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, the company operates a system SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) A service based on collecting information from the logs produced in the security systems and extensive network equipment of its customers. Our engineers set rules and update them regularly so that the system collects the large amount of information, prioritizes it, analyzes it (identifying patterns, statistics, etc.), cross-references it and allows it to be seen in a way that has great added value. Seemingly innocent information combined with other information is not important together based on the rules and cross-referencing the system may indicate a serious information security risk in the organization, thus, security breaches or security incidents can be identified, occurring almost in real time. With SIEM you can use many blogs to get a complete and accurate security picture. Many times, a single log is meaningless and only the big picture makes it possible to identify failures and vulnerabilities.